Wednesday, February 28, 2007


How disappointing that Ginger got 54% of the vote. I was really hoping for a Somerville victory, or at least a run-off between him and Ginger. *sigh* Four more years of the same crap.

Could Ginger at least hire some competent help in the ward office, people who actually know something?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

on a more humorous note

After all the election-related stuff, how about a dose of snarky Oscar humor, courtesy of the Fug Girls.....

8:54 p.m. People think we hate everything, but we love Will Ferrell, even with that weird curly hairdo that's one laurel wreath away from being Roman. His number with Jack Black and John C. Reilly about how they plan to beat the crap out of all the nominees, take Helen Mirren home for some sweet loving, and then transform themselves into "serious actors" playing such roles as an armless, legless man who teaches gangbanger Hamlet, was pretty funny. We take back some of what we said about musical numbers. Evidently our major problem with them is just when they involve Billy Crystal. And, hey, Helen Mirren's happy — she was beaming, all, "Hey, everyone wants to get into my pants!"


9:04 p.m. STOP THE PRESSES. WHY IS JACK NICHOLSON BALD? Seatmate Djimon Hounsou is clearly trying not to look, staring as resolutely forward as possible, as if to camouflage his thoughts: "Don't look at him. Don't LOOK AT HIM." Nice try. Seriously, Jack is as smooth as a cue ball. Is he playing Mr. Clean in an upcoming biopic The Dirt in the Corners, about life, love, and lemon-fresh antiseptic cleaning fluid?

[yeah, what’s up with THAT?!]

9:52 p.m. It strikes us during William Monahan's rather dull speech that maybe Jack is bald to support Britney Spears. To which we say, thanks for the thought, Jack, but where were you when she needed her wedding to K-Fed called off? Or when she decided to sell her home movies? Or when she licked Snoop Dogg's tongue in that one video? WHERE?!?

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make a difference

Here's where to vote today. This link will tell you the address of your polling place, the type of building, and whether it is accessible to persons with disabilities.

This link also provides a sample ballot each election cycle, tailored to the address of the voter to reflect the list of offices, candidates, and referendum for that precinct.

You can also get polling place locations by calling the Election Board at 312-269-7900 (TTY: 269-0027). Call this same number if you see any evidence of election fraud or violations (campaign workers handing out candidate info or otherwise trying to influence votes inside a polling place, any obvious illegal activity by election judges, etc.).

Let's vote for change and a more accountable alderman.

SOURCE: Board of Election Commissioners for the City of Chicago:

Monday, February 26, 2007

Rugai Voted to Triple the Home Heating Gas Tax

On December 15, 2004, Rugai voted to more than TRIPLE the City tax on home heating gas. A friend in another ward posted this info on her blog, but it also applies in the 19th.


... a tax is imposed on the privilege of using or consuming in the city gas that is purchased in a sale at retail. The tax shall be at the rate of [from 1.4 to] 5.2 cents per therm.

Yeas -- Aldermen Mores, Haithcock, Tillman, Preckwinkle, Hairston, Lyle, Beavers, Stroger, Beale, Pope, Baker, Ciudenas, Olivo, Burke, T. Thomas, Coleman, L. Thomas, Murphy, Rugai, Troutman, Brookins, Munoz, Zalewski, Chandler, Solis, Ocasio, Burnett, E. Smith, Carothers, Reboyras, Suarez, Matlak, Mell, Austin, Colon, Banks, Mitts, Allen, Laurino, O'Connor, Doherty, Natarus, Daley, Tunney, Levar, Shiller, Schulter, M. Smith, Moore, Stone -- 50.

Nays -- None.


This regressive tax is especially unfair to lower income residents, who are more likely to have inefficient heating systems that use more fuel. How ironic that our city council could commit millions to the Block 37 superstation, yet they steal from the poor in this underhanded way, and steal from them again by contributing to the underfunding of the CTA.

tomorrow is election day

Wednesday night’s debate was helpful. I didn’t have much of a sense of where Sheehan was coming from before that. After seeing so many north side examples of “letting the real estate market drive development” (Sheehan’s big phrase for his plan) and how it has ruined the character of many of those neighborhoods, Sheehan’s vision scares me. Rugai’s history of pushing through traffic plan changes without really getting neighborhood input or support is no better. Somerville’s stated goal of transparency and more community input looks like our best option. None of the candidates is perfect, but we really do need a change. Somerville's got my vote.

Monday, February 19, 2007

one wheel or two?

I was walking home from the train tonight and saw a boy riding a unicycle. Hadn't seen him since before Christmas. Months ago, he seemed new to it and unsteady. Looks like he's been practicing over the winter. He's getting quite good at riding it.

Sunday afternoon

I was walking near 101st & Wood late in the afternoon on Sunday. The sun was getting low in the sky, casting long blue shadows on the snow. I could hear a guitar from a nearby house, tuning up, then starting to play a song. Let's rock!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thursday, February 8, 2007

19th ward aldermanic candidate forum

The latest issue of the Villager contained a bit of info I'd been hoping to see: A 19th ward candidate forum has been organized by the League of Women Voters. It will be held on Wednesday 2/21 at 7 p.m. at Bethany Union Church, 1750 W. 103rd St. For further information, call 773-779-7387.

just getting started

Welcome to Ridge99. I've been a bit surprised by the lack of political blogs in the neighborhood. I haven't been in Beverly that long, and I'm finding there's plenty to learn about issues here.

Don't expect the content here to be strictly political. It won't be. I like a mixture of what's happening in the neighborhood, from musical happenings to observations about nature to politics, and whatever else catches my interest. Stay tuned for more...