Friday, February 25, 2011

opportunity to show support for Borders on 95th

Channel 2 (CBS) will be at the store on Monday 2/28 to film a segment on the community's crusade to save the Beverly Borders store from closing its doors. Bring signs, your wallet, or just yourself in support of keeping our store alive in Beverly. Join us between 4:30 and 5:15 p.m.!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Borders on 95th Street

This week we got the disappointing news that the Borders bookstore chain has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. They plan to close many stores, including our 95th Street store. According to their web site, they intend to close the store by the end of April at the latest.

This will leave only two of their stores open in the city: Borders on State St. and Walden Books on Madison.

Our neighborhood store has been a big piece of the 95th Street business district for the past several years. If they do close it, this will be a big loss to the neighborhood. So many people from our neighborhood and nearby areas have enjoyed coming there in search of new books, music and videos, and visiting over coffee. It's a favorite destination for many local children.

If you'd like to speak up in favor of the store remaining open, the first thing to do is spend some money there. That will make the biggest difference. You can also make your voice heard by writing to Michael Edwards (President and CEO of Borders) and to Mary Davis (PR Manager of Borders).

There are two Facebook pages to support the cause: BAPA's Keep Beverly Borders Open page and a Facebook group with the same goal.

Speak up now - with your $$ and your words. It could make a difference.

Monday, February 14, 2011

better late than never - be a good neighbor

Over the weekend, I noticed some folks who hadn't previously cleared their sidewalk out with shovels. There are still too many sidewalks that haven't been touched.

If you haven't yet cleared yours, please do so, or get someone to help you if you're not physically able to do it. Snow removal from public sidewalks is required by law. While enforcement has been spotty, it's been almost 2 weeks since the storm and we've had more than enough time to deal with the snow.

I intend to make a few 311 calls. There are a few houses that are on frequently traveled paths to and from train stations, bus stops, parks and schools where the owners are physically or financially capable and have been around, but have chosen to clear only their driveways and perhaps a path from their front door to the curb, neglecting the sidewalks that so many of us need to walk safely out of traffic.

Making a path through the wall of snow at the curb would be helpful, too, if there isn't one now. Those walls will take the longest to melt and trap water that could otherwise run out to the street and find a drain, making it easier for pedestrians to get where they're going.

Want to leave a reminder for a homeowner or business? You can find a handy flyer here.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

community alert

I'm sharing a community alert received from BAPA.

On the morning Wed., Feb 9, two 9-year-old girls were approached by a stranger outside Sutherland School, 10015 S. Leavitt, and asked if they wanted to get in his car. The girls ran into the school and the offender drove away. The car was described as a dirty gray 4-door with a male driver. Please warn your children never to enter a stranger's car and not to walk alone.

If you see a car matching this description engaged in suspicious activity, call 911 or 22nd District Police, 312-745-0570.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hallelujah! I've seen a miracle

Sometime in the last 24 hours, a miracle occurred. The huge mountain of snow on the Damen side of the Trinity UCC community center has been moved! The mountain had actually gotten bigger between when the picture was taken and when it was plowed.

I offer a big THANK YOU to the parties responsible for moving the mountain.

19th ward blizzard response

And there has been no response from Matt O'Shea or Phil Sherlock to my question as to how they might handle a future blizzard if they were elected.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tribune and Sun-Times endorsements for the 19th ward

The Tribune endorses Anne Schaible.

The Sun-Times endorses Matt O'Shea
and also speaks favorably of Anne Schaible.

19th ward blizzard response - the candidates respond: Ray Coronado

On Friday, I mentioned pedestrian safety issues in the wake of last week's blizzard. I've asked the candidates how they would handle future blizzards if they were elected alderman. I previously posted Anne Schaible's response and continue to will post responses as I receive them from other candidates.

The following is Ray Coronado's response:

My father spent 33 working for Streets and Sanitation so I know a little about the workings of the department. When we have a storm or blizzard like we did last week the main focus has always been to attack the main streets and make sure they are clear for the public and emergency traffic. Once the main streets are clear the next priority are the side streets.

While this is happening, they pull the garbage trucks from their regular duty to plow city streets. This leaves the laborers free. This labor force has always been utilized to clear sidewalks, crosswalks, bus stops, and around fire hydrants and generally make sure that pedestrians can safely get around the neighborhood.

What happened last week was inexcusable. What have the laborers been doing since they can't pick up garbage?

It is the responsibility of the Ward Superintendent to make sure the streets and sidewalks are cleaned and salted for the residents of the ward. The Alderman also needs to be held accountable for not making sure the Ward Superintendent is getting the job done. I believe this plan is a good one if followed. The question is: why wasn't it?

Anne Schaible has proposed changing to a grid system for trash collection to save money, which would mean we would lose the labor force we currently have in our ward to combat snow removal. Can you imagine how much worse the neighborhood would be if we lose the manpower to help with snow removal? I am against this plan.

Monday, February 7, 2011

19th ward blizzard response - the candidates respond: Anne Schaible

On Friday, I mentioned pedestrian safety issues in the wake of last week's blizzard. I've asked the candidates how they would handle future blizzards if they were elected alderman. I will post responses as I receive them.

Here is Anne Schaible's response.

There is an 83yo lady on the **** block of W ***th St who has a 9' ridge of snow blocking her from getting her car out. She is fearful that it won't melt "till April". I have contacted the Review for her. The City plows did this. She can't get to the grocery store.

What would I do differently?

I've proposed a 19th Ward snow command. All too often, we don't have a handle on what's the response to these types of situations in our neighborhood. I would address:

* 19th Ward school closings
* Open pharmacies
* Open grocery stores
* Open gas stations
* Plowing requests/needs
* Com Ed restoration of power
* Metra delays/cancellations
* CTA delays/cancellation
* ER/hospital bypass information

This is the information we need LOCALLY. This is the information we need while the emergency is occurring.

Friday, February 4, 2011

what's wrong with these pictures?

I just took a walk to the Beverly library to return a book and pick up a couple of new ones. I was appalled by the conditions I found at 95th & Damen.

This is an intersection where there is normally a crossing guard because many children cross 95th St. here to go to and from school. There is currently no safe access between the north and south sides of 95th St. at this intersection, no way to go from North Beverly to South Beverly on Damen without walking in the street on both 95th and Damen. There is no access for CTA passengers to go from the street to the sidewalk, and no way for library patrons coming from the south to take a direct and safe path.

There is nothing acceptable about this. I've e-mailed and called the alderman's office to complain. If this isn't fixed by tomorrow, I will call again. I hope that others will, too.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

let's finish the job!

So many people have done a great job clearing their sidewalks so that pedestrians can safely walk on the sidewalk. Once the plow comes through on your street, don't forget to finish the job! Let's all clear those walls of snow that the plows left at the corners, keeping the pedestrians from getting to those newly cleared sidewalks!

I did mine. How about you?

cross country skiing in Dan Ryan Woods

When there is 4" or more of snow on the ground, there will be Sunday afternoon cross country skiing meet-ups at 1 p.m. at Beverly Bike and Ski, 9121 S. Western. You can find friends to ski with, and enjoy hot chocolate at the shop before you go out. Encourage your friends to come, too.

What? No skis? You can rent skis, boots and poles for $15/day or $25/weekend. Snowshoes are available at the same rates. X-c skiing or snowshoeing is easy. If you want to learn how, call Paul at the shop (773-238-5704) and he'll call one of the regulars so you have someone to go with. It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors in winter and see the peaceful beauty of Dan Ryan Woods in snow.

Seems like a safe bet that we'll have enough snow this weekend.

19th ward aldermanic candidate forum TONIGHT 2/3

There will be another 19th ward aldermanic candidate forum tonight, with introductions at 6 p.m. and Q&A at 6:45 p.m. This one will be at Smith Village, 2320 W. 113th Place.