Saturday, May 30, 2009

UPDATE on disappearing parking meters and the local economy

We've gotten some encouraging news from CDOT via our friends at the Active Transportation Alliance:

"CDOT’s Bike Program has already begun to address the impact of lost bike parking as a result of converting parking meters to pay-and-display areas. This subject is addressed in the Bike 2015 Plan, but the acceleration of the parking-conversion effort requires the City to explore new ideas.

The Bike Program is already reviewing areas where meters have been removed for possible bike rack installation, based on requests from citizens and aldermen. The best place to request a bike rack is through the Bike Program’s web site or by calling 311. More than 11,000 bike racks have been installed citywide to date, and that number will continue to grow.

In the short term, the City plans to leave 1-2 meter poles* per block to serve as bike parking, when no bike rack is available nearby.

The City is also reviewing what’s occurred in other cities where parking meter conversions have occurred, and is exploring other equipment options that might be used to provide additional parking.

CDOT also continues to explore other funding sources for bike parking, in addition to the state and federal grant dollars we receive.

We recognize that the loss of parking meters will pose a challenge to some cyclists. We are committed to minimizing that impact, and to doing so on as an aggressive timeline as possible."

*These will either have parking meter heads left on, or have a ring added, similar to this so that bikes can be securely locked."

If you see locations where bike racks are needed, put in your requests.

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