Wednesday, July 21, 2010

bottle bombs

A friend just sent me a link about an alarming problem: innocent looking plastic bottles filled with explosive liquid left in people's yards.  This is no joke.

Most of us would think nothing of picking up plastic bottles left in our yards.  Take a careful look next time you find one.  People are finding plastic bottle bombs in their mailboxes and yards.  Look for:

1.  Ordinary plastic bottle (from water or pop)
2.  A little Drano
3.  A little water
4.  A small piece of foil.

If you move it, it can explode very quickly, spraying you with acid.  It can blow off your fingers and burn your face and other body parts.  If you find a bomb with these elements, call 911 and don't touch it.

Click here to watch a video on the problem.  Here's a news story from another source.  Be careful out there!

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