Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the aftermath of this morning's storms

Any of you who slept through this morning's storms probably woke up wondering what happened if you later found storm debris in your yard. I hope that none of you had major damage from the storm and that any power outage was short lived. From today's emails, it's my understanding that portions of the ward lost power and that some are still without power. I'd like to share the alderman's message for any of you who didn't get it.

Early this morning, a severe thunderstorm came through our community leaving the 19th Ward Service Offices temporarily without power and phone service. You may still contact the office via e-mail at ward19@cityofchicago.org, online at www.the19thward.com, or contact 311 for any city service request. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The storm left over 41,000 homes without power throughout the City of Chicago, including 2072 customers in our community. Citywide there are several police and fire stations without power. Commonwealth Edison crews have already restored over four hundred customers in our area this morning; they ask for our patience as they work to address all outages with the understanding that public safety facilities and hospitals are the highest priority for service restoration.

In addition to the power outages, we have more then 40 reported tree emergencies throughout our community. The Bureau of Forestry is working to address these issues as quickly as possible. Residents are asked to place any tree debris in the parkway or alley, and report it to my office or 311 for pickup.

I will keep you updated on the status of these issues as more information becomes available.

Sincerely, Matt O'Shea Alderman, 19th Ward

I hope that any of you who are still in the dark are back to normal by morning.

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