Saturday, February 24, 2018

water and sewer main replacement projects coming soon

According to the 19th ward office, we have the following projects to look forward to.

Water main:
Winchester from 97th to 101st - 3/12/18 thru 5/21/18
97th from Damen to Longwood - 3/12/18 thru 5/21/18

111th St from Rockwell to Western - 5/21/18 thru 7/19/18

Homan Ave. from 107th St. to 115th St. - 7/10/18 thru 11/23/18
108th St. from Homan to Kedzie - 7/10/18 thru 11/23/18

Sewer main:
94th St. from Longwood to Vanderpoel - time frame TBD.

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