Wednesday, August 30, 2017

what's next?

A month ago, many of you experiencing our big Slow Roll ride in Beverly and Morgan Park, either by riding it or seeing it go by.

It was an amazing day that wouldn't have been possible without the involvement of great community partners like Beverly Area Arts Alliance and BAPA. The assistance of police from the 22nd district made it much easier for a group of 200 (yes, 200!) riders to pass through the neighborhood and cross major streets safely. That was especially important because we had so many families with children on the ride.

So what's next? A lot of good conversations came out of that ride - about the possibility of various types of future bike events, how encouraging bike riding for transportation could boost local business districts, how safer bike conditions could encourage bike riding for transportation, etc. The seeds have been planted. How well they grow depends on all of you.

Do you want to be part of future events and/or advocacy work? Do you just want to ride your bike in the neighborhood - for fun or transportation? Is there a neighborhood business or other location you want to ride to but it lacks bike parking? You can search here to see if someone's requested a bike rack, or make a request if there's none in the system yet.

Do you want to see more events like this? Do you want bike lanes, greenways and other changes to help create safer conditions?  Contact Alderman O'Shea and tell him safer bike conditions matter to you. Tell BAPA too. Seeing such a big crowd at Slow Roll was a good start. We need to keep the momentum going to make a difference.

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