Wednesday, September 13, 2023

a miracle on Western

 If you noticed construction at a number of intersections on Western today, you saw a miracle happening. These are new pedestrian refuge islands, places to stop when crossing the street to make it safer to cross the street. These can also help a bit with traffic calming.

I saw them under construction at the following locations:

105th St. near Nicky's and Horse Thief Hollow

108th St. near County Fair and DiCola's

110th St. in front of Clissold School, near Open Outcry

112th St.

113th St. by Kennedy Park and Smith Village

113th Pl by Kennedy Park and Smith Village

The one place I saw where we a median refuge island could be feasible and useful but I didn't see one under construction was 101st St., where it would be helpful for pedestrians going to/from Beverly Park.

For years I've wanted to see these to make it easier for people to access parks, businesses, schools and other locations more easily and safely without needing to walk blocks out of their way to cross at a stoplight. I hope these help to calm our usually fast and unruly traffic and make it easier for people to access destinations on and near Western without having to use cars. 


Anonymous said...

How exactly will it "calm" traffic?

Anonymous said...

Sounds great to me. Crossing a busy street is always tricky with a light or no light but it’s a great cue to most drivers to slow down : someone standing on an island! Still stay alert!!!

Fargo said...

Yes, crossing a busy street without a stoplight is always tricky. Having refuge islands has been helpful on 95th St.

In recent weeks, I've seen drivers use striped median spaces to pass other traffic. Having any kind of concrete median prevents some of that. Concrete medians tend to slow traffic a little. Any improvement is welcome.

Anonymous said...

It calms it so people can’t drive all over the place, they have to stay in their lane and not drive is spaces where pedestrians can be safely.